The Expert CYPRES 2 is the most commonly used model as it meets the demands of a wide range of jumpers.

The Student CYPRES 2 has unique activation parameters that better accommodate the safety needs of a student during the initial learning progression.

The Tandem CYPRES 2 is specifically designed to be used on Tandem style skydives, thus the higher activation altitude to allow for the larger canopies being used. The descent rate for the activation is the same as with the Expert CYPRES (78mph / 35mps) but the default activation altitude is approximately 1900 ft (580m) AGL.

The Speed CYPRES 2 has the highest activation speed of any CYPRES model; 102mph (46mps) at a default altitude of 750 ft (225m) AGL. Unlike the other models, the Speed CYPRES ceases operation below 330 ft (100m) AGL.


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